Topcoat PU 26.6

Alıphatıc Urethane Coatıng For Exterıor And Interıor Surfaces

Provides an easy to clean and attractive protective coating for cementitious or metallic substrates. Suitable for industrial structural steel, tanks, piping and concrete floors and walls in power, waste water treatment, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage plants and pharmaceutical production areas where only foot traffic and light vehicles are expected. This hard, matt, non-chalking coating cures through chemical reaction, and is not dependent on atmospheric condtions.
Topcoat PU 26.6 is suitable for use over an existing painted surface even fully cured epoxy coatings.

Special Features

  • Hard, durable, matt fınısh
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractıve range of colours
  • Good chemıcal resıstance
  • Hıgh abrasıon resıstance
  • No chalkıng, uv lıght resıstance

Topcoat PU 26.6 is a two component aliphatic urethane with exceptional resistance to chemicals and ultraviolet light.
Each component is factory weighed and packaged ready for on site mixing. The resin component is coloured differently and hardener is clear to give a visual check on complete mixing prior to use.

Physical Properties

Time at

20° C
Pot Life
Initial Hardness
Re-coating interval
Full Cure
Hardness Shore D
2 hours
60 min.
12 hours
7 days
72 (ASTM D 2240)
76 (ASTM D 3389)

Instructıon For Use

New concrete should be at least 7 days old. All laitence and loose material must be removed from the concrete surface. If the concrete is sound
and strong with light laitence this can be achieved
with acid etching followed by thorough washing with water the floor must then be left to dry.
Cracked or damaged concrete or heavy laitence should be prepared by grit blasting or scabbling until a solid surface is reached showing exposed
aggregate. The surface should then be levelled using Araldite Holefiller.
Surfaces contaminated with oil or grease should be flame cleaned or thoroughly washed with a good detergent then rinsed and left to dry.

Mechanical mixing of resin based materials is preferred whenever possible, in order to avoid trapping air in the material, mixers running at less than 400 rpm are recommended.

Topcoat PU 26.6
 is supplied as two pre-weighed packs in exact proportions. No other materials should be added.
Stir the contents of each pack thoroughly. Pour the entire contents of the hardener into the resin and mix until a uniform colour is achieved. For the first coat only, dilute the resin mix with up to 10 % Solvent PU and apply with a brush or roller. Apply a second coat without dilution and within the stated over coating period. Wet film thickness should not exceed 100 microns or drying out may be impaired.
It is essential that material is always applied within the stated pot life of the mix. Beyond this time there Is no obvious change in the appearance of the mix