Our Company

We serve on Epoxy Coating Systems with using Araldite Switzerland products by control of Huntsman's (a.k.a Ciba).We serve only in "Epoxy Coating". We pretentious with our references which best known companies and brands on Europe, Asia and all regions in Turkey. Our contract with Huntsman company still continues since 2001 year.

New Generation Floor Covering Solutions

NİS EPOKSİ Epoksi Kaplama Sistemleri İnş. ve San. Ltd. is the only authorized company that approved by Araldite.We apply epoxy coating with our experienced team in a short time. We work as harmonic to your production schedule, calender and work flow.

Araldite products ensure the perfect results in the hygenic and sterile conditions. All properties of Araldite's product that provides by NIS EPOKSI are; Slippery on the wet and dry floors, solidity,resists to corrosion,resists to chemicals and acids, sterile, hygenic, antistatic,esthetic.