Epoxy Coating Equipments

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• 21st century's floor covering system

Industrial plants where the floors are the most wear. Working inappropriate ground material (or bulk mosaic tiles, concrete, ceramics, marble, etc. ..) requires time in the repair and renewal. This method is time consuming and reduces productivity.21st Centuries technical developments in line with the ideal floor and wall epoxy coverings in industry method is accepted. Epoxy surface coating systems and the correct application with the right brand is very successful results.

• World's and Turkey's Greatest Facilities Prefered Araldite.

"Araldite's Epoxy Products have been using on World's the longest bridge Shangai and Ningbo."

World's first epoxy manufacturer's and the Huntsman (formerly the Ciba) Araldite brand of food, health, and appropriate to the needs of industrial facilities with epoxy surface coating materials on this final and most effective solution. Araldite surface kaplmaları any industry, can be used in food and health facilities. Is not affected by chemicals, easy to clean, mechanical strength is high. Swiss National Research Center, the large-scale studies of the world and our country to be preferred by many industrial plants in this area of the surface coating of Araldite validity was proved.
•  New Generation Floor Covering Solutions

NİS EPOKSİ Epoksi Kaplama Sistemleri İnş. ve San. Ltd. is the only authorized company that approved by Araldite.We apply epoxy coating with our experienced team in a short time. We work as harmonic to your production schedule, calender and work flow.

Araldite products ensure the perfect results in the hygenic and sterile conditions. All properties of Araldite's product that provides by NIS EPOKSI are; Slippery on the wet and dry floors, solidity,resists to corrosion,resists to chemicals and acids, sterile, hygenic, antistatic,esthetic.